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The One Thing You Shouldn’t Have on a Fitness Website (But Probably Do)

September 25, 2021

Visit just about any fitness or Personal Trainer website and you’ll almost always be met with one thing.

An ‘About Me’ page.


Not wanting to hurt your feelings, but your prospective clients don’t care about you (not yet, anyway).

What they care about is whether you can SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS.

Read that again, because 90% of what you need to know about marketing is right there.

Can you communicate to people that you’re able to solve their problems?

Potential clients aren’t interested in the ‘boxing for fitness’ course you did. They don’t need to see a tough looking photo of you staring down the camera with crossed arms. They don’t need to know your reason for starting the business. They don’t need to know your back story.

They need to know you can solve their problems.

Instead of an ‘about me’ section, you should have an ‘ABOUT YOU’ section… and this is what it should look like…

Start by defining the avatar (your target client)…

e.g. Are you the sort of person who needs an individualised approach to fitness? (potential client: ‘why yes, yes I am’).

Then, list the SOLUTIONS you provide to the problems your target client (your avatar) faces. To do this, first list their main problems/pain points/the things that keep them up at night. Then, convert each pain point into a solution.

e.g. If the pain point is ‘I’m scared about starting a new exercise program’, your text should say something like:

‘We specialise in helping people build confidence with a new exercise program.’

Then, only once you’ve defined the avatar and only once you’ve listed the solutions, you can talk about yourself a little bit. BUT, only talk about yourself if you’re talking about things you do to solve their problems.

This is where you explain how the business works, and what the actual services it provides are (AS LONG AS THESE SERVICES DIRECTLY SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF YOUR CLIENTS). The services should be directly linked to the ‘pain point solutions’ you listed in the previous section.

e.g. If the pain point is ‘I work weird hours and can’t get to the times most gyms run classes’, the solution will be ‘we remove barriers to exercise with loads of convenient and varied class times’. THEN, the ‘what we do’ would be something like.

‘Generation Fitness runs over 100 classes every week, with 12 different class types’.

That’s the only time you talk about yourself, when you’re talking about how what you do solves the problems of prospective clients.

On a website, like marketing in general, talk about the people you want to attract. Define who they are, talk about your problems, empathise with them. They’ll pay for your services because you’ve shown them you understand them, not because you’ve told them your life story.

Marketing is not about you. It’s about them.


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