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The Best Photos for a Fitness Website

October 1, 2021

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ is never more true than on a Fitness Website.

With limited real estate, and limited attention from your potential clients, your choice of pictures couldn’t be more important.

Choose the wrong picture and you could alienate and scare off clients and members. Choose the right picture however, and you’ll be giving them an accurate glimpse into the experience your business provides.

When we’re building a website here at Range of Motion Fitness Websites to help a fitness business website to attract new clients, there are a few key rules we follow when selecting images.

Put simply…

You need a picture of a person (or people) who is your ideal client. They should be smiling as they use your service and staff to overcome one of the key pain points of that target demographic.

Let’s break that down.

Your ideal client:

When potential clients visit your website, they should see pictures of ‘them’ looking back. Muscly guys, and girls in sports bras shouldn’t be on your website (unless of course they’re the type of people you’re targeting). Match the age, gender, body shape etc. to the person you want to attract to your business.


This one’s self explanatory. In the end, you’re not selling a service (like Personal Training). You’re not even selling a result (like weight loss). What you’re selling is anĀ experience. And you images need to show that people enjoy that experience.

Using your services and staff:

If you provide Personal Training, the photo should be of someone working with their Personal Trainer. Group classes? Feature someone in a class. This is a great way to provide a glimpse into how your business helps people, without them having to read it.

Overcoming a pain point:

Your business exists to solve people’s problems. If you can use the imagery on your website to show problems being solved, you’re offering a form of ‘social proof’ (learn more about the power of social proof on a fitness website) to demonstrate that your service is what your potential clients are looking for.

There’s a lot more to a fitness website imagery than meets the eye.

If you can tick all the boxes, you’ll be able to say a lot about your business without saying anything at all.

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