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David Williams JP

Marriage Celebrant

Making Your Day Extraordinary.

What Can You Expect From David Williams?

There’s no way about it, your wedding day is a massive event in your life.

It is charged with emotion, some serious nerves and huge expectations.

As your Marriage Celebrant, David Williams’ calming presence and meticulous preparation will calm your nerves.

And, as for the expectation, that one is simple. David will surpass it.

The ‘Feel’ of a David Williams Wedding.

Every wedding with David Williams as the Celebrant is as unique as it is special. There is however a common thread that runs through every ceremony.

The common thread is the ‘feeling’ the bride and groom get at a David Williams wedding.

Time and time again, our happy couples tell us how comfortable David makes them feel. How relaxed they are. And how David makes sure the smile never leaves their faces.

It’s a feeling of being comfortable. Of being relaxed.

They also tell us that David has the perfect combination of ‘laid back’ and ‘professional’. Of ‘confidence’ and ‘humour’. Of ‘organised’ but still ‘spontaneous’.

Every wedding officiated by David is planned and well thought out. Everyone knows what’s happening, everyone knows where they’re standing. The nerves and anxiety that too many people often experience during their wedding ceremony are removed – because there are no unknowns.

All that is left to do, is for you to enjoy the occasion, to be present in the moment. And to love every second.

Generous Words From Our Wonderful Couples

“David made the happiest day of my life as smooth as he could have made it. I was an absolute nervous wreck before the ceremony but David was a calming voice during the entire experience. He went above and beyond, and made sure every last detail was taken care of.”

“I can recommend David with all my heart. He made us feel so very comfortable in his presence. David is an incredibly organised and professional celebrant with such a witty charm to make our day even more memorable. We are so very grateful we met David and we’re absolutely over the moon to have him as our Celebrant for our very special day.”

“This man is a master of his craft. One of the best speakers I’ve ever come across. Thank you from the bottom of my heart David, for making our big day the best day.”

What’s The Process of Working With David?

1. Get in touch with David.

You can contact David here or at guardian@aceonline.com.au or on 0413 866 321.

2. Meet and greet.

You can expect to hear from David very soon, and you can arrange a time to meet. We know how important it is that you gel with your Celebrant. Before anything else happens we want to know that we’re the perfect fit for you.

3. Would you love to work with David? Great, let's get the ball rolling.

The first step is in discussing expectations, so you know that David can deliver the day of your dreams – and more! From there, there are some legal requirements, then David will guide you through the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form.

4. Writing the vows.

One of the big fun parts, and one of David’s favourite pieces of the puzzle! We know the vows can be a bit scary and overwhelming for some people, but David will hold your hand through the whole process.

5. The Wedding Rehearsal.

About two weeks before the wedding. At the place of your forthcoming wedding and as close to the same time as possible. Practice makes perfect.

6. Your wedding! The happiest day of your life!

The big day! Because you will have done so much planning and rehearsal there are no surprises. You will be surprised as to how relaxed you will be (honest!). We promise you this, it will be fun!

7. The final step.

All the forms that have been signed and witnessed are scanned for David’s records and the originals are mailed to the Office of the Attorney General. The final step to start the greatest adventure of your life.

Get to Know

Your Celebrant

David Williams

“I was born in North Wales in a beautiful town within sight of a castle built in 1183. There was snow on the ground on the day I was born, little did that little kid ever imagine he would one day live on the other side of the world, but here I am!

Many circumstances would have to come my way but 30 years later myself and my young family stepped onto a snow covered plane and stepped off into a 40 degree Perth day.

Those early years were not easy but we knew from day one that this is indeed the greatest county in the World and within two years we were proud citizens of Australia.

My two sons Dan and Bryn took it in their stride (as kids do) but even they realise how incredibly lucky we are to live here, a truism we have never taken for granted.

The boys are now grown up, with families of their own – my wonderful daughters-in-law and grand daughters.

With a background in the finance sector, I decided it was time to sell my practice and look for something that was as much fun as it was rewarding.

It wasn’t long before I realised being a Marriage Celebrant was just the thing.

And let’s be honest, there is no better place to be than to be surrounded by love. And that my friends, is what it feels being a Marriage Celebrant, the best ‘job’ (in inverted commas!) I have ever had.”

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