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Shift Fitness is an all inclusive fitness facility in Malaga, helping build lifelong habits.

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Who We Help

People needing an empathetic approach, are motivated by progress and want to feel better.

How It Works

Personal Training, Small Group Fitness, Yoga and Nutrition Coaching.

Are you the sort of person who needs

an all inclusive exercise facility to build healthy habits with full body fitness?

The team at Shift Fitness might be just you’ve been looking for.

They specialise in working with people needing an empathetic approach, motivated by progress and ultimately, feeling better!

The Trainers at Shift Fitness are the experts in helping people:

Begin a new fitness journey.

Improve long term fitness and nutrition habits.

Manage weight using exercise and nutrition.

Build confidence and overcome mental barriers.

Prevent and recover from injury.

Personal Training

Custom programming and guidance to help you obtain and maintain your body.

Small Group Fitness

Small, intimate strength and fitness classes with high levels of one-on-one contact.

Yoga Classes

Release tension from your body with yoga flows that compliment your training.

Nutrition Coaching

Your Nutrition Coach helps you build lifelong habits. Participation, not perfection.

“I’m constantly pushed to my limits and all fitness levels are catered for. All round awesome place!”


“Shift’s small group classes are tailored to be both interesting and challenging to all levels.”


“Understanding their athletes and genuinely caring is what separates Shift from all others in this field.”


“Individual and group sessions at Shift have always pushed me to my limits in an encouraging way.”


“I’d always struggled with motivation. Shift makes it easy with different classes every week.”


“I can’t recommend Shift Fitness enough. So much more than just a gym. The service is outstanding.”


Find out if Shift Fitness is a good fit for you. We offer a free seven day ‘unlimited all access pass’.

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Unit 10, 11 Exchange Road, MALAGA WA 6090.