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A boutique, family-owned, 24-7 gym with a difference, in Osborne Park.

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Who PrimeFit helps

For people looking for guidance with exercise, ‘big gym’ convenience and variety, and personalised care.

What we offer

A personalised approach to classes, exercise programs, 1on1 coaching, accredited nutrition coaching, gym memberships.

Are you the sort of person who needs

a safe & friendly, family owned, community-driven gym, with everything you need to succeed in your fitness journey?

If that’s you, PrimeFit might just be what you’ve been looking for. We specialise in working with those who need the variety & convenience of a big 24 hr gym, with the friendly care of a boutique studio.
The team at PrimeFit are the experts in helping people:

Feel truly cared for on an individual level.

Feel supported in a space where they can put their own physical and mental health goals first.

Build confidence that they're doing the best exercise program to achieve their goals.

Feel secure that they are performing exercise safely and effectively.

Combine the important elements of exercise and nutrition to reach their goals faster.


PrimeFit Advantage - Training

Our highest level of care. Specialised classes, programs and 1-on-1 coaching.
From $25/week.

PrimeFit Advantage - Nutrition

Accredited Coaching creating healthy food relationships, body & performance goals.


Gym Memberships

24-7 access to our beautiful, fully functional gym, in a safe and friendly environment.

Group Classes

Fun, structured classes with expert guidance, in a supportive group environment.
“Absolutely LOVE PrimeFit ! Such an incredible and encouraging community you wont find anywhere else!” – Jessie

“I’m feeling much better and stronger than I ever have before. By far, the BEST gym experience I’ve ever had!” – MJ

“The owners go above and beyond to provide a personalised experience for every single member. THANK YOU!” – Ella

“Welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful owners. Trainers and staff who really care about everyone.” – Jane

“Head to this gym if you want to feel supported in your fitness journey, no matter what stage you’re at.” – Jess

“A cool a vibrant place to train, with positive, fun energy. Thank you so much for getting my training back on track!”– Sava

PrimeFit offers a free 7 day trial for you to experience everything we have to offer.

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Unit 7/44 Hutton St, Osborne Park WA 6017

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08 9201 9339

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