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Prime Active

Penelope Lane from Prime Active combines fitness and cognitive training for women over 55.

She offers online and face-to-face options in the South Fremantle area.

Are you the sort of person who needs the support and empathy of someone who understands the problems you face?

Someone who’s background in both Fitness and Clinical Psychology provides the perfect blend of physical and cognitive training, with mindfulness and self compassion? If that’s you, Penelope Lane from Prime Active might just be who you’ve been searching for.
Prime Active specialises in working with women over 55 who want help to rebuild their confidence, take back control of their health, and recover the vitality and determination of their youth.

Penelope can help you maintain your independence so you don’t become a burden to your friends and family.

Penelope can help you enhance your ability to do the things in life that really matter, like playing with the grandkids.

Penelope can help you ward off and manage chronic illnesses that threaten to reduce the quality of your life.

Penelope can help you develop and maintain cognitive function, slowing the declines caused by ageing.

Penelope can help you stay on your feet – building the strength, balance and mobility to prevent falls and breaks.

Penelope can help you rediscover meaning in your life, and feel a sense of value and belonging to a likeminded group of people.

Here’s how Prime Active can help you.

Penelope understands that people over 55 face unique challenges that require unique and tailored solutions.

Penelope provides both face-to-face and online training options.

Group Fitness Training

Face-to-face small group combined physical and cognitive training. Build your cardio fitness, muscle strength and power, cognitive abilities, mobility, balance, and self-confidence.
Morning classes in the South Fremantle area.

Online 12-Week Program

An innovative online training program, combining physical and cognitive training with mindfulness and self-compassion, and private coaching with Penelope.


“Penelope is a warm, welcoming, generous, patient, compassionate, humorous, imaginative and inspiring teacher, and the classes are inclusive of a wide range of ages and abilities.”



“Penelope, I’m so glad to have you as a part of my journey. You create a place where I’m confident and comfortable with myself. Safe to be real and wanting to keep going forward.”



“Very relaxed and informal setting. I’m more present in my daily life as well as feeling calm and confident – this has made a positive impact on my depression and anxiety.”



“I find I can move my pot plants around – the really heavy ones. I wasn’t able to do that before and my memory has got so much better, I can go into a shop without a shopping list!”



“What can I say? It’s fantastic, it’s fun, it’s friendly and it feels sooo good to be exercising again! I wasn’t looking forward to turning 60, but now it’s ok as I know there’s help to age gracefully!”



“I feel so much stronger in my body. My husband commented it’s great I’m still going as I usually give up after a few times of going! I love it and each session is different so I don’t get bored.”



“I am already feeling stronger and looking forward to continuing the process, so I can age well and stay healthy in body, mind and spirit.”



“I love your classes, great workouts for my body and brain. The self-compassion elements are so helpful for me. When I am doing something now I try and give it my full attention.”


Let’s chat…

If you’d like to find out if we’re a good fit, contact Penelope now.

If you’d like to find out if we’re a good fit, complete the form below and Penelope will contact you soon, or you can call Penelope on 0497 289 817.

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