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Planning to build in Perth?


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We provide a ‘virtual walkthrough’ so you can visualise and experience your new home before a single brick is laid.


Are we for you?

We specialise in working with people building their dream home in Perth.

People who need reassurance before making one of the biggest decisions of their life.

Are we what you’ve been looking for?

Get a sneak peak.

This video will tell you everything you need to know.

The problems we help solve.

How we help.

Less stress

Less stress

We can help you overcome the anxiety the comes from not knowing how your finished home will look.

It looks good on paper, but I’m worried about making a major decision from a concept plan. Let’s see what it’s going to look like!

Try before you buy

We can help you get a ‘feel’ for the flow of your future home to make sure it’s the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Do we need to remove a hallway to make things more open plan? Let’s see.

Try before you buy



We can help you tweak your concept plan and elevation by letting you experience your home in immersive 3D.

Is there going to be enough natural light in the living room? Let’s try adding additional windows.


We can help you make educated financial decisions to ensure your budget is allocated in the best way possible.

Should we have a bigger kitchen by adding a scullery? Let’s walk through the house and see which makes more sense.




We can help you explore and test different options for interior design, layout, finishes, colours and materials.

Would that kitchen island look better in marble or granite? Let’s look at both!

“It's because of your construction and design knowledge combined with excellent customer service, that we have been raving to our friends about working with my3Dhomeview.”

– Justin, New Homeowner

“Never having built before, we were able to walk through our new home before committing to a builder, they made us feel safe with our design decisions. This makes the new home build design process easier."

– Michael and Sarah, First-Time New Home Builders

"The 3D Drive By and Flythrough we received prior to contract commencement simplified the material and colours selection stage. We really appreciate my3Dhomeview for all their help."

– Shaun and Judy, New Family Home Builders

"my3Dhomeview really provided a 'point of difference' and the 3D Video helped us to cement all our ideas all from the comfort of our lounge room. Ultimately, this saved us time and money."

– Jason and Tess, New Homeowners

"The advice offered from the Team at my3Dhomeview helped us make smart financial decisions ahead of time with real certainty. Thanks guys, you made this build project so much more simple."

– Greg and Cath, Rental Property Investors

How does it work?

The process couldn’t be more simple.

You’re just four simple steps away from experiencing your dream home in 3D.


We'll sit down with you for a personalised consultation so we can explore how we can help.


If we're a good fit for you, we'll ask you to submit a technical drawing or plan of your home.


Sit back and let us do our magic! Within a week, you'll receive your high quality 3D 'virtual walkthrough' that will let you 'test drive' your dream home.

There are three ways my3Dhomeview allows you to experience your new home

What you get.

Whole home fly through


Beginning with a street view, float through your main entrance and take a journey through every room as you explore and experience everything your future dream home has to offer. The best way to finalise your floor plan and layout.

Single room tour


Take an intimate and detailed tour of a single room in your future home. Take in the space from all angles to truly get a feel for the final room to make those final finish and interior design decisions.

Drive by


Drive past the front of your property and get a teaser of the impact and emotions you will experience every time you arrive home. A vital step before making those final external finishing decisions.

Contact us now to learn more and start the conversation.

We offer a personalised consultation to explore how we can best help you visualise your new home.


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