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Mind Body Connect Lifestyle Counselling

A person-centred approach to improving women’s wellness, in the South West of WA.

Counselling, Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching with Lifestyle Counsellor, Suze Adams.

Are you the sort of person who needs empathy and understanding to help you unpack the underlying reasons behind your health struggles?

Do you need a Counsellor who can educate, encourage and support you to achieving a healthier body and mind?

A Lifestyle Counsellor, Suze specialises in working with women in the South West who are frustrated by their health, struggle to put themselves first, and don’t know where to start.

Suze is the expert in helping women:

  • Manage their weight by exploring the physical and emotional challenges they face.
  • Build sustainable movement and exercise habits that they actually enjoy and want to do.
  • Identify and explore sabotaging behaviours that compromise their health.
  • Develop the knowledge and tools needed to achieve their wellness goals.
  • Unlock their drive and motivation through individualised support.
  • Realise that it’s ok to put themselves first and prioritise their wellness and needs.

A 360 degree approach to your wellness…

Personal Training

Suze will hold your hand through the beginning of your exercise journey, helping you build confidence and fitness to transition to a group fitness environment.


A solution-focussed, person-centred approach. Ideal if you’re stuck in a rut, stresses, anxious, depressed or unsure about your path back to health and wellness.

Nutrition Coaching

One-on-one consultations to give you the tools needed for weight management, body composition change, and fuelling your body to maximise energy levels.

'Invest In Me23' Program

Ask us about our highly sought after programs combining group exercise, Nutritional Coaching, and Mindset and Behaviour Coaching.

Why work with Suze?

Because she believes that the choices we make now for our wellness should be the same choices we make in three months, three years, and 30 years time.

She believes in sustainable change, where the progress may be slower but the results will last longer.

With her method, there are no quick fixes and no restrictions, however, with the right knowledge, balanced nutrition, daily movement, and an understanding of your behaviours and your triggers your journey to the wellness you desire is 100% achievable.

“A combination of balanced exercise, nutritional support, and mindset coaching has projected me into what I know to be a permanent lifestyle change.”

Need support? Let’s chat.

Contact us to arrange a time for a chat with Suze about how we can help you.

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