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Planning to build in Perth?

Home Builders Collective

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We offer a personalised ‘end-to-end’ guided service from initial idea to completion of your new home.


Are we for you?

Feeling a little overwhelmed?
Are you the sort of person who needs guidance and support through the entire new home build process?
If that’s you, Home Builder Collective might just be what you’ve been looking for.

Home Builder Collective specialises in working with people in the early stages of planning a new home build in Perth.

How we help…

Less stress

Less stress

We help people reduce the stress of the new home design process.

Perfect for you

We help people find a block and design that fits their budget and lifestyle.

Perfect for you

Try before you buy

Try before you buy

We help people experience their new home in 3D before a single brick is laid.

Builder matching

We help people match the ideal builder to their unique home and unique needs.

Builder matching



We help people decide on the all important material and colour selections.

“It's because of your construction and design knowledge combined with excellent customer service, that we have been raving to our friends about working with Home Builders Collective.”

– Justin, New Homeowner

“Never having built before, we were able to walk through our new home before committing to a builder, they made us feel safe with our design decisions. This makes the new home build design process easier."

– Michael and Sarah, First-Time New Home Builders

"The care and guidance we received prior to contract commencement simplified the material and colours selection stage. We really appreciate Home Builders Collective for all their help."

– Shaun and Judy, New Family Home Builders

"Home Builders Collective really provided a 'point of difference' and really helped us to cement all our ideas all from the comfort of our lounge room. Ultimately, this saved us time and money."

– Jason and Tess, New Homeowners

"The advice offered from the Team at Home Builders Collective helped us make smart financial decisions ahead of time with real certainty. Thanks guys, you made this build project so much more simple."

– Greg and Cath, Rental Property Investors

How does it work?

Home Builders Collective guides you ‘end-to-end’ through the five-step new home build process.

The Home Builder’s Collective process:

Design overview:

We review your design brief with you, collecting complete information regarding size, function, aesthetics and budget.


Design development:

We provide initial design options for your review. Once a design direction is chosen it is developed with your requested changes.

Builder pricing:

When the design is developed to your satisfaction, pricing will be obtained from select builders ‘matched’ to your project requirements and your needs.


Construction documents:

We help with the review of all Builder documents to advance to the construction phase of building a new home.


Construction administration:

We act as your advocate during the construction document and initial construction phase with the Builder.

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We offer a personalised consultation to explore how we can best help you through the new home build process.


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