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HFRC will help you move better, with less pain to get more out of life. In Nedlands, Melville and Como.
We’ll deploy a team of Exercise Physiologists, Scientists, Physiotherapists and clinical researchers to prescribe you the latest treatment programs and the highest level of care.
Scroll down to learn more, or leave your details below and we’ll be in touch with you to arrange a chat about we can help.

Who We’re For

HFRC specialises in providing one-on-one exercise for people living with a chronic medical condition or disability.

Are you the sort of person who needs an individualised approach to exercise that prioritises your long-term health?

Our Speciality

We provide Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy services.

We offer an exceptionally high standard of expert care, in a safe, friendly environment.

How we can help…

  • We can help you treat a chronic medical condition using exercise.
  • We can help you rehabilitate injury and reduce pain through the prescription of exercise.
  • We can help you enjoy the benefits of exercise even if you’re living with a medical condition, injury or disability.
  • We can help you if you feel you need and deserve personalised care, empathy and support in a safe space.

How Does HFRC Work?

HFRC provides a multi-disciplinary team, where you will work with an Exercise Professional on an ongoing basis.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

For people who are suffering from a Chronic Medical Condition and have coverage for Exercise Physiology or ‘allied health’.

Medicare Disease Management

For people who have been referred by a GP under the Medicare Scheme to treat a Chronic Condition using Exercise Physiology services.

DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs)

For people who are part of the DVA scheme and would benefit from an individualised, ‘health-first’ approach to their exercise.

Game Changer!


“HFRC’s awesome team had me moving smoother, feeling less pain, and loving life more. Totally changed my game!”

- Glynis Jeffreys

What our clients say…


“”At HFRC, I rediscovered joy in movement! Their caring team guided me to a pain-free life. It’s been an amazing journey.”

- Stephen Jones


“HFRC revived my zest for life! Understanding seniors’ needs, they eased my discomfort, making my golden years truly golden.”

- Regina Doherty

How can I find out if HFRC is a good fit for me?

We’d love to offer you a complimentary chat to talk about how we can help you.

If you’d like to find out if we’re a good fit, leave your details below, or contact us at info@HFRC.com.au or call 9386 9961.