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Fitness Revolution

We make it easy.

A safe place to belong, in Bassendean. Promoting diversity and inclusion to help you get healthy at your own pace.

Group, Personal and Semi-Private training, Nutrition Coaching, and ‘open gym’ access.

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Who We’re For

Do you find regular gyms intimidating, stressful or confusing? Do you need a place to belong that is affirming, empowering and supportive?

At Fitness Revolution we are passionate about providing a safe inclusive space that celebrates diversity. We put you back in the driver’s seat.

Our Speciality

Fitness Revolution specialises in working with people who are predominantly over 40 and have busy and often stressful lives.

We are proud of our capacity to adapt programs to meet you where you’re at and support you to improve at your own pace.

We’ll help you to…

  • Find belonging in a safe environment.
  • Bypass the intimidation that often comes from joining a gym.
  • Discover a way to exercise beyond a standard ‘cookie-cutter gym’.
  • Support you to develop sustainable healthy habits
  • Build consistency through support, accountability and coaching.

How Does Fitness Revolution Work?

Personal Training

One-on-one Personal Training. Real results for real people. We help you achieve your goals while enjoying your journey.


Individualised skill-building training programs in a close-knit and supportive small group setting.


A boredom free zone with expert coaches. Exercise with a diverse community of like minded, fun-loving people.

“I’d never join a gym!”

I said ‘I would never join a gym’! It all changed when I heard about Fitness Revolution and what they stood for. I’ve been going for a year now and have never looked back. The best decision I’ve made.
- Leah Dale

What our members say…


“I used to be intimidated by gyms. FitRev opened the door for me to a well-balanced strength development program that also focused on healthy eating and a positive mindset.”

- Elle Beaumont-Bilsby


“This is the longest that I’ve EVER gone to a gym. I have particular body issues that mean I can’t do all of the exercises but I’ve never felt judged and I am given alternatives that I can do.”

- Kay Garard


“When I first started I had no idea what to do in a gym. I’ve learnt so much from the coaches and met a bunch of fantastic people. Thanks for working around my limitations!”

- Tahnee Mitchell


“The people are fabulous! Real, diverse, friendly, supportive. No peacocks or posers! I’ve never been keen on gyms but I’m almost two years in and look forward to every session.”

- Lee Nicholls

Nutrition Coaching


Do you feel like you kind of know what to do but struggle to implement it and maintain a healthy lifestyle? We can help you to develop healthy habits that last.

Fitness Revolution offers habit-based Nutrition Coaching, focusing on long-term changes.

We are committed to helping you find the balance that supports the lifestyle you love to live.

Is it for you?

We are for you if:

  • You know what you “should” do but struggle staying consistent.
  • Your relationship with food sometimes gives you feelings of confusion and anxiety.
  • You’re tired of quick-fix diets, shakes and pills that only burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Eating for well-being sometimes or often feels like a chore rather than joy or reward.

Learn more

Most people struggle to achieve lasting change because they just get information, and that’s the problem. There is SO MUCH information it’s hard to know where to start and what to do when you hit a speed bump.

We’re here to help. Learn more about how we can help you with habit-based Nutrition Coaching.

How can I find out if Fit Rev is the right fit for me?

We’d love to welcome you into Fitness Revolution with a $60 two week trial, with two Personal Training sessions and unlimited class and gym access.
If you’d like to find out if we’re a good fit, leave your details below and we’ll get right back to you.


Unit 4, 6 Purser Loop, Bassendean, WA 6054

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