Fit For Life

24 hour convenience with personalised care, in Guildford.

We take all the good bits of the big gyms and combine them with all the good bits of a small gym.

24 hour access, fitness classes and full supervision and support from our staff.

Are you the sort of person who needs 24 hour convenience with personalised care?

If that’s you, Fit For Life might just be what you’ve been looking for. Fit For Life specialises in working with people who need a little more individual care than the big gyms can offer. We are the experts in helping people:

Build confidence with a new exercise program.

Exercise more with convenient class times.

Find their very own close-knit fitness family.

Overcome the intimidation from gyms.

Here’s how Fit For Life can help you.

Fit For Life is a gym for the little guy.

It has all the good bits of one of those big gyms – open 24 hours a day, and super convenient. But it has none of the bad bits.

No intimidation. No scary guys in singlets or Instagram models in sports bras.

Gym Memberships

Your membership gives 24 hour entry to our facility with full equipment access

Fitness Classes

Unlimited access to our great range of fun fitness classes, at multiple convenient times.

Full Supervision

During daylight hours, our staff are roaming the gym to help you with anything you need.

We Believe In The Best of Both Worlds

All the best bits of a big gym. All the best bits of a little gym!

Sometimes big gyms can be scary and intimidating. Sometimes little gyms have limited options. But why can’t we have both!

At Fit For Life, we offer the friendly family owned vibe of a boutique gym, but still offer you all the equipment you need, a great variety of class types and times, and individualised support and care.


“Not like any gym I’ve ever exercised at. I just feel so welcomed and personally cared for.”

Jesse Stephens


“Everyone is just super supportive. They’ve helped rebuild my fitness and self-confidence.“

Tommy Bigg


“Highly experienced staff team that really cares deeply about everything you’re doing.”

Joan Michaels

We’d love to invite you into our family.

If you’d like to find out if we’re a good fit, contact us now.

Let’s make a time to sit down for a tea or coffee and we can have a chat about how we can help you.

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