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Elite Fitness Coaching

Elite Fitness Coaching in Butler offers empathetic exercise coaching in a safe and nurturing environment.

We offer Personal Training, Small Group Fitness, Youth Fitness and Sport Specific Programming.

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Who We’re For

Are you the sort of person who needs an empathetic exercise coach?

Someone to help guide you along your exercise journey in a positive, nurturing, judgement-free environment?

If that’s you, Elite Fitness Coaching might just be what you’ve been looking for.

Our Speciality

There are two types of people we help.

We help kids and teens who are looking to build strong and healthy training habits. And we help adults who are haven’t exercised in a long time (or ever) and feel a little overwhelmed by those big gyms.

Our gym is open to all fitness levels and abilities.

We’re Experts In…

Developing safe and strong technique.
Teaching people about healthy nutrition and habits.
Helping people get the most out of themselves.
Supporting people to improved mental health through exercise.
Working with and nurturing young people; helping them to find that passion for fitness.


How Does Elite Fitness Coaching Work?

Personal Training

One-on-one fitness programs. Get guidance, motivation and quality coaching to help you achieve your goals.

Small Group Fitness

Our small groups ensure every single person connects with the coach and gets individualised support and attention.

Youth Fitness

An introduction to safe exercise practices in a fun, social environment. Learn healthy and positive health and fitness habits.

Sports Specific

Individualised and well rounded training programs for athletes who are looking to maximise their sporting success.

Not Gym People!


“This is the most successful gym training myself, and my daughter have accomplished, and we are not what you would call gym people! We now look forward to training days; I never thought I would have that mindset! We can’t thank Elaine enough for the spirit she has put back in our step.”

- Rebecca Avery

What our members say…


“I was nervous after an injury to get back into it, but Elaine is nurturing , caring , understanding and makes you feel like you can do it. I feel better and move better than I have in years .”

- Cherie Pearse


“Elaine has been welcoming and encouraging from the start. I have never been more motivated to exercise and train thanks to her amazing coaching. She has helped me to achieve great results so far. “

- Bianca Stemp

‘CourtFit’ for Young Athletes

Elite Fitness Coaching also offers ‘CourtFit’, a gym-based training programme designed to help young athletes become stronger, move faster and jump higher; all of which will help improve their performance on the court.

If you want to help your child improve their strength, speed, power and agility on the court, get in touch today.

How can I find out Elite Fitness Coaching is a good fit for me?

We offer a one week free trial on all our services to so you can get a taste of what we do.
Contact us now to find out if we’re a good fit.


7/2 Amesbury Loop, Butler, 6036.

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